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Read these guidelines carefully, understand them (we made these as fun as translated legalese can be!), share them, discuss them and feel free to send in questions, comments, and requests to

Welcome to Rappler, your social news network dedicated to keeping you informed, entertained, and aware.

When you log on to Rappler, we expect that you follow certain rules on the use of the site.  

And we expect that when you go over the rules, you didn’t just scroll through a lot of legalese to get access to commenting privileges and other goodies.

Think of our guidelines as a sort of Biblical-type covenant. Listen to the words of the almighty mod, and you shall receive blessings beyond measure. Break the covenant, and receive swift (though not too painful) moderation.

Read the guidelines carefully, understand them (we made these as fun as translated legalese can be!), share them, discuss them and feel free to send in questions, comments, and requests to

1. Content published on Rappler are either our property or the property of those who allowed us to use and publish their works. We hope you respect that.

If you’re considering taking content on Rappler or doing something to said content, ask for permission through We’ll try and make responses to requests timely, but if you explain why you want to get something from the site, it would make it easier for us to respond faster.

2. If you want us to publish your stuff, we need some rights. Specifically, we’d like to be sure it’s okay for us to publish your stuff and market it so people can read your stuff. This lets us avoid a Mexican standoff, where we’re all holding guns to each other’s heads, waiting for someone to start firing. No one’s really supposed to survive a Mexican standoff.  

3. You will not steal the content of others or content from this site. Stealing, in this sense, refers to copying without listing the source you got your information or content from. When in doubt, do not #sottocopy.

4. If you submit stuff to us, please make sure your content is both work safe (The Internet is for Porn DOES NOT APPLY HERE) and legal. As with number 3, don’t steal other’s content just to make content to send here. That’s not cool.

5. You will respect others online. Regardless of your background, we welcome all users to submit content to the site. We will, however, ensure that this site remains a safe space for everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. Harassing others or posting illegal or unsafe content will not be tolerated. When in doubt, follow Wheaton’s Law.

6. Reading and using services available on the site means that you accept these rules and that you give us permission to change or add rules as necessary and act on any abusive behavior you try and do on the site. If you do something bad, there may be a time when we’ll call you out on it or take away some privileges.

7. We encourage you to use the comments section to voice your thoughts about our stories. We ask that you keep a level head and an open mind as you discuss the complexities of issues. While the Internet allows for free expression, we will also ensure that conversations are civil and respectful so that intelligent and thoughtful conversations rule. For our full comments moderation policy click here

Remember that like being on the Internet, being a part of the Rappler community means working well with others and being diplomatic if you disagree with someone. Remember that changing the world begins with you.

You’re the first ripple, so let’s start making ripples today. 🙂


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